Hello, my name is Bill

My goal and the purpose of Heart and Soul is to assist you through one of the most difficult and challenging times in your life…..the grief and loss of a loved one.

I’m sorry you’re here and you have come to the right place for the help and support you need to move on with your life, beyond the pain, confusion and loneliness you now feel.

Together we will help you find the comfort and peace you seek, and the strength to go on to find a new meaning in life.

There is no one path through this “dark night of the soul”; so you have taken the most important first step on your journey, because the road through bereavement cannot be walked alone.

Welcome to Heart and Soul where understanding and support, compassion and empathy await you.

  Providing Compassionate Support

for people mourning the loss of a loved one.

 Bill Brubacher’s other Websites and Services

Conflict Coaching for Seniors and their family click on pathfindercanada.ca:
Support Groups for the Care of Caregivers click on caregiversoasis.ca:
pathfinder canada Family Specialist for seniors

(We provide the elder community and their families with certified professional services to clients in regions around Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph, and also all of Southern Ontario.)

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