I NEVER expected…

Bereavement for Seniors

Come, let’s talk it out…

Providing compassionate support for people mourning the loss of a loved one, either Individual Support or in a Support Group.

I’m sorry you’re here, but you’ve come to the right place.

“I NEVER expected it to be like this….”

There is no pain like the pain of separation.

Life can feel more empty and lonely than we could ever imagine.

We’re not taught how to manage change and loss…
yet find ourselves in that struggle when we lose a loved one.
Aging often brings one loss after the other, making us feel vulnerable, frightened and sometimes overwhelmed.
It can rob our passion for life.

Our Personal Support or the Bereavement Support Group give you:

    • Community
    • Understanding
    • Empathy
    • Support
  • You don’t have to face the unknown, alone. 

Grief is a shared journey… 

Grieving is a very complex process and the ONE factor that makes the most positive difference is not going through it alone.

Nothing is more important than to share what you are experiencing with others who can understand what you are feeling.
This often far exceeds the patience and willingness of most family members and friends to listen.

There is a special synergy, a togetherness that comes from people sharing the deep personal experience of their grief and loss.

At times you will be sure you can only handle your own grief – no one elses; however, the more you share in the grief of others, the more in charge of your own grief you will become.

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The way out of grief is through it, together.