Bill’s Reflections on Grief

Listen for the one that speaks especially to you, ponder it,
because it has something to tell you

Grief is the expression of everything we’ve ever lost, that meant something to us.

Grief is a process where we can learn the true meaning of life and surrender to the meaning of death.

Grief is the experience of one of life’s hardest lessons and at the same time one of the greatest gifts to us.

Grief is the fresh wound of loss – which starts out burning then later, turns to soothing.

Grief is the unique life mosaic of our most cherished memories.

Grief is our gift to our loved ones and friends, who made our life feel special.

Grief is what reminds us of our aliveness and our gratitude for life.

Grief is the love that extends beyond our reach.

Grief is the process of letting go, without having to say good bye.

Grief is the language of loss.

Grief is the tender touch of friendship and care, within the turmoil of transition.

Grief is the heart that fills our chest to bursting.

Grief is the ‘midnight darkness’, so that we might know the ‘morning light’.

Grief is the challenge of courage, to strengthen our faith.

Grief is the regret, of all the things unsaid and undone.

Grief is the lens through which we gain new understanding and ‘sight’.

Grief awakens our ageless and innocent ‘child’ within.

Grief is like the seasons of the year, beginning with winter…

Grief is the forgiveness of life’s failures, beginning with our own.

Grief is a path to learning self compassion and empathy for others.

Grief is the forge and anvil by which we are masterfully reshaped by the ‘Blacksmith’ of creation.

Grief is the soul’s passage from one stage of life, into the next.

Grief silences all other voices but one, the voice of love.

Grief is the final battle, before victory.

“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes.
Because for those who love with heart and soul,
there is no such thing as separation.”