The Grief Journey


It might surprise you to know that…

we have lived with the ‘grief’ of change and loss all our lives:

  • The loss of relationships, friendships, marriage, pets, jobs, money, opportunity, health, homes, dreams.
  • This time it’s the death of our spouse, or other loved one close to us, and that loss assumes a very different meaning, depth and significance.
  • Our feelings are overwhelmingly mixed, sadness, loneliness, anger, helplessness, fear, depression, confusion.
  • The finality of the loss demands all of our attention! It takes over our life.
  • It often feels like living with an uninvited stranger within, called ‘Grief’.

Holding on to grief – is like holding on to ‘fire’.
It will consume you unless you know how to work through it. 

  • The more you learn about grief – the better you can handle it.
  • Grief is not a self healing condition and cannot be done alone because it’s far too complex, painful and life changing and needs to be done with skill, empathy and support.
  • With a little guidance, grief language comes naturally to those who need to express it and without expression, there can be no inner growth or completion of the journey.

The only way out of grief is through it, together.